Latest Release: ‘Never Live Without You’

Never Live Without You Cover Image

D.R.S – Da Real Sound. ‘Never Live Without You’ Never Live Without You. is the latest release from D.R.S – Da Real Sound which forms an E.P of remixes and will be the first release on their brand new label, Tough Tempo Records. The track is a collaboration of Da Real Sound and Singer-songwriter Gary […]

Da Real Sound (D.R.S) Interview

Coliong Grainge and Errol (Remo-Don) Gordon

Da Real Sound (D.R.S) Interview So who are DRS, Da Real Sound? Remo Don:  We got together in the early 90s with the idea of fusing reggae with club music. It’s mainly me and Colin. Colin Grainge: We’re best known for the Jungle track, “Everyman,” released on Rugged Vinyl, with Stevie Hyper D and DJ […]